The Copper Scroll and the “Pillar”

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In the ruins of Horebbah, which is in the Valley of Achor under steps heading eastward 40 feet, lies a chest of silver that weighs 1,292 pounds or 17 talents at 76 pounds per talent. Concealed under sediment towards the upper opening at the bottom of a big cistern hides68,400 pounds of gold in the courtyard of the peristyle. Then there is 65 bars of gold weighing 1,920 pounds at 30 pounds a bar or brick hiding in the Old Washer House. The SW corner of Matia’s Courtyard hides 609 temple articles. In the Valley of Sekakah or Wilderness Judea, you {who?} will find 12 talents of silver or 912 pounds. Look for 13 talents of silver coins or 968 pounds located beneath the Trap Door. Dig only one cubit or 22 inches, a royal cubit, in the the Memorial mound of stones in the Valley of Sekakah, and you will find 5,320 pounds or 70 talents of silver. There is a huge jar hiding 3,192 pounds or 42 talents of silver, and on top of the treasure you will find a scroll. Then to top things off, at the “pillar” on the northern side of the big cistern in the Hill of Kohlit, then take 75 steps into the canal that comes from…you will find 4,180 pounds of silver or 55 talents. Dig down in the Valley of Achor and you will find 2 pots full of silver coins. At the mouth of the underground cavity sits 15,200 pounds or 200 talents of silver, and on and on as my mother would say. Do you see why various individuals have searched and dug for this treasure with all their might? The water conduit is on the northern side of Solomon’s canal. Dig down three cubits or 6 feet, and under the large stone at the head of the water conduit you will find 7 talents or 532 pounds of silver. There is a fissure, which is on the eastern side of the reservoir of Solomon, where you will find vessels of offerings. Buried quite near Solomon’s canal you will find 23 talents of silver or 1,728 pounds. The exact spot goes 60 cubits or 110 feet towards the great stone, and then dig down three cubits or 6 feet. The tomb is in the dried-up riverbed between Jericho and the Valley of Sekakah. Just a taste of the depth of the mystery of the Copper Scroll hidden on a ledge behind the jars of Dead Sea Scrolls in cave number 15, most important, most unique, and least understood. Many similarities between this scroll and the Song of Solomon, which helps interpret the mystery such as the lady hidden in the secret places of the stairs in the cleft of the rock.

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