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          Hello World! I am so happy that you stopped by to visit us in this neck of the woods. We started out as a bunch of fleeing, persecuted, and pioneering type breed of humanity. We grew as a tender young plant out of a wilderness, and developed into a powerful nation loved, hated and feared. The reason for our existence was to provide a haven for the fleeing, the persecuted, and to spread light all over the world. We are a blessed nation, because we provide religious freedom to all nations, tongues and people.

            Blazing light has come from this country to the whole, wide, wide world over the last 150 years, and it will keep coming as long as the laws of the land protect the rights of each citizen to speak and be heard, to use the press to express opinions and beliefs, and to worship as one wishes.

            I have chosen to take advantage of the privilege of the press and speech in my country to bring blessings to all nations, languages and people. The Muslims will find in this website something to benefit by, because we both revere Moses and his health laws. We both do not believe in smoking, drinking, or eating that which God forbids in his word.

            The people called the Jews may relax as they browse through the many subjects, because there will be much to enjoy, much that we can be on common grounds with, and yet preserve our individual way of life. There will be discoveries that the Jews don’t even know about, and would if they could. Read on and find out about that which you do not know!

            The young people can come to visit, because there are pictures to tell the story as well as the written word. I thought of them especially, and tried to stick with stories, fresh Bible readings, and illustrations to grab their attention.

            The golden-age-group can bask in the new thoughts that they may never have entertained before. The brain’s output gets better as the years roll by, even if the body begins to decline. It is a wonderful experience to be mature, to see the world through a new pair of glasses, to enjoy the harmony that comes from being able to see the other person’s point of view. It is something to hang onto for dear life, because the roller-coaster life of a teen-ager is an event to only go through once! Pray for the young people, extend a helping hand. There is no generation gap. A ninety-year-old man has a young heart, and still wishes to do those boyish things that were so much fun. He and a fifteen year old boy or girl can learn much from each other.

            As I was studying Haggai chapter two I found an amazing discovery. The ninth month and the 24th day is about a prophecy that has been overlooked by almost everybody, except for a few, even the Jewish people. They have no feast for this day. It is ignored, and almost forgotten. Hanging onto the shirt tail of Jew, keeping the feast days doesn’t mean that you forget the true meaning as to why the feast day was created by God in the first place. He doesn’t want us to go through the forms of anything!

            What is the meaning of the feast days? What connection do they have to me? What is God trying to reveal to me today? This is what I have done. I have researched the meanings, and the roll of prophecy has been unrolling for me ever since. It is an exciting adventure. I do not wish for any of you to miss out on such an experience.

            I believe that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was conceived on the ninth month and the 24th day of 4 BC, called Tishri One on the Jewish Calendar, and December 13th on my calendar. It was the day that the foundation of the Temple was laid, the reason for its existence, and the designer of its building and services before the world was created. Please read on, especially the people called the Jews, see me through, because you will want to find out the exact location of the sepulchers of King David, King Solomon and the prophetess Huldah. It has been an age-long mystery that no one can figure out, but we know it now.

            Haggai tells the reader to consider the ninth month and the 24th day. Then near the end of  chapter two he says to consider it again, and connects it to blazing light that goes to all the world. During this archeological journey by research without lifting a shovel, I found my treasure. I went to Jerusalem twice, and researched history, the Bible and writings filled with inspiration to find the gold.

            I found the Fountain Gate. It is the key to the House of David, to be opened up to the world on Kislev 24, the ninth month and the 24th day, the eve of December 13 through December 14 at sunset of 2006. When reconsidered, it is about a gate that can never be shut again. Join us and experience prophecy being fulfilled right under your very nose, in your house, in your heart, mind, and soul at this very minute! How do I know? I learned the key of knowledge of the Fountain Gate, and what the person was to do that received it in my studies. How do I know? Because I know what it is, and only found out this year. That is how I know. And I also know that it will take about one year for this key knowledge to sink in.

            It is about the foundation of the laying of the Holy Temple, and it is about the Healing Word gushing from the throne of God, the River of the Judge flowing from the foot of Orion in the sky, from the Third Temple down under. Read on and find out about the fountain gate and what it means to you and your family’s happiness, health and the chance to live forever. It is the fountain of youth, the opportunity to live on for millions and billions and trillions of years -- forever!

            Thank you again for stopping by, and make yourself at home. All religions, nations and people are welcome. We love you and wish for you all the happiness, joy and health that the Healing Word has to offer to every human being. It is no respecter of persons. It plays no favorites. It doesn’t need to know who you are, or what you have done. You may be sitting in a prison cell as you view this website. Welcome! You may be sitting in a Mission place trying to get sober. Welcome! Maybe you are at school and need something for your speech project. Read on, there is plenty to choose from.

            This website is manned by the young people. They own the site, and have a large say in what goes in it. They are the proofreaders. My e-mail address is: I may try to answer questions in a general manner via the website, so please do not feel hurt if I do not answer you directly. My son and daughter may answer you as well. If anything happens to me, the website will go on, because it belongs to the young people! 

The Healing Word is for:

all nations, all people, all languages, all stations of life --

whether you are the president of the United States and his wife,

or the farmer that feeds the world,

or the foreigner eating his bread and milk, while sitting on the floor.


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